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The Walls of Berlin – Graffiti & Street-Art

€ 16.00
60 mins
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    Tal Natalie Shifrin
    With Tal Natalie Shifrin 0.0 Top Guide since 2020

    The graffiti and Street art of Berlin reflect not only its past but also its present.

    On this Tour we will see the East Side Gallery – the longest open air gallery in the world, that a merely 30 years ago was a part of the well-guarded concrete barrier. The same one that physically and ideologically divided the city from 1961 to 1989 – The Berlin Wall.

    We will walk between East and West, between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg and see works of international Artists, hear about the local scene and visit some of the city’s hidden gems.

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    Tal Natalie Shifrin
    With Tal Natalie Shifrin 0.0 Top Guide since 2020

    Hello! I am Tal and I’m an experienced tour guide in Berlin, Potsdam and Dresden since 2015.
    I specialize in History and Culinary but one could say I am fascinated by Berlin of the past as well as Berlin of the present. I love sharing my knowledge and meeting people from all over the world.

    I offer Historical, culinary and culture tours in Berlin. I am also a certified guide at the Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum, occasionally guide in some museums and a Member of the Berlin Guides Association (Bündnis Berliner Stadtführer) for several years now. I guide tours to Potsdam and the Sanssouci Park as well as to The Florence on The Elbe river – Dresden.

    My first visit to Berlin about a decade ago was a true eye-opener. As a history buff from a very young age, to come across with the complex nature of this city’s story made me want to discover more.
    After working for over a decade in the restaurant industry and earning my B.A. in Business Administration, I settled in Berlin in 2014.

    I provide tailor-made/customized tours about any topic: Historical Berlin and must visit sights, Jewish heritage tours, contemporary/street art and graffiti, culinary tours, the Berlin wall, the cold war and more. please feel free to contact me with any questions and for further information

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