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Pamela Breit Foncillas

Life is Now

Pamela Breit Foncillas 4.8 Top Guide since 2020

From multicultural background I’ve always felt the need to explore new places, cultures, languages and meet people from all over the planet. For this reason I decided to explore the world for years, I worked and travelled, was a tourist and a local, in the jungle and in amazing cities… until I arrived to Paris. In the year 2009 I immediately fell in love with the French capital. The city of lights, of love, of fashion, of gastronomy, of endless stories and anecdotes captivated me and made me become a passionate tour guide. Since then I’ve guided thousands of people from all over the world and have discovered and selected the most exciting places for them to fall in love with Paris as I did so long ago.

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Paris, France

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Pamela Breit Foncillas

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Always attracted to art and travel I studied fashion design before starting my life abroad. I worked 3 years for Royal Caribbean International while travelling on the most amazing vessels and working with an international team. Then I moved to Rio de Janeiro where I worked in a Youth Hostel and guided young tourists through this exciting Brazilian city. In Paris I quickly learned the language and history and I started doing bike tours for large groups (2010) Consequently I developed customised itineraries for private groups that were looking for a unique and personalised experience. Today I coordinate a team of passionate guides and photographers that know the ins and outs of our beautiful Paris and together we offer a wide variety of activities that allow travellers to have rich and unforgettable experiences when visiting the French Capital.

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  • He tenido la agradable experiencia de participar del tour virtual por Paris y de conocer mucha historia de la que no tenía idea. Pamela resulta entretenida en todo momento y a la vez con mucho conocimiento de lo que muestra. Lo recomiendo.
  • Disfruté mucho volver a recorrer visualmente lugares imperdibles de Paris. Pamela tiene un relato muy cordial y entretenido y fue una experiencia especial hacer un tour virtual por primera vez. La interfaz de conexión es fácil de usar y las instrucciones de Pamela fueron precisas y muy prácticas. Hay que dar instrucciones a los participantes que anulen el micrófono cuando tengan conversaciones con terceros no participantes o la guía debe anular el micrófono de los participantes mientras habla y deberá instruir un procedimiento para preguntar (levantar la mano u otro) como seña que algún participante quiere hablar.
  • Thanks for the tour It was a wonderfun, interesting, new and fun experience
  • Enjoyed the tour with Pamela very much. She provided detailed explanations, while keeping the atmosphere light and the participants engaged, using humor and little tidbits along the route of the tour. Great Job! keep it up :)
  • Wir haben mit Freunden zusammen uns die Tour angeschaut. Super Spannend und toller Eindruck. Es war ein super Abend und nun wissen wir, was wir auf keinen Fall verpassen dürfen, wenn wir im Sommer nach Paris fahren. Clevere Technik!
  • if never been to paris before, i really enjoyed the tour. thank you for the great guide, the great paris insights and the beautiful views.
  • I will be a Paris fan and a Pamela fan for ever! Thanks to her I was in this special Paris mood very quickly. I have had goosebumps a few times only by listening to her and seeing the streets. The tour was amazing!
  • The Paris tour was wonderful. Pamela is so charming and endearing. It was very pleasant to listen to her because she can narrate stories with such excitement. Willingly again!